Exploring funding opportunities for researchers from Ukraine

I have joined the webinar “Exploring funding opportunities in the EU and beyond: Advice for researchers from Ukraine”  that was organized as part of MSCA4Ukraine, an EU-funded fellowship program for displaced researchers from Ukraine. It was organized by SAR Europe, and hosted by Maynooth University. The webinar participants discussed funding opportunities available to researchers from Ukraine.

The event was moderated by Mr Dominik Kalweit. The speakers of the event were the representative of the European Commission Marija Fedotovaite, the coordinator of #ScienceForUkraine Oleksandra Ivashchenko, and Dr. Oksana Seumenicht. After the reports, the speakers answered all the questions of the webinar participants.





I am very much grateful to my colleagues for their useful reports and their work!


Prepared by associate professor Sergii Sharov